Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Chess Advocate Problem Answer, Melvin vs Ronen

White: Bill Melvin, Black: Ronen Wilson, Event: 2019 Washington International

Date: 07/27/19, Round: 1, Result: 0-1

Answer: 37... Qd2+ 38. Bxd2 Rxd2+ (39. Ka1 Bc3+ 40. Kb1 a2+ 41. Kc1 a1=Q#)

[This] game is against Ronen Wilson from the 2019 Washington International.  It was like $450 more to play in the Open section since I had some bad FIDE rated tournaments, so I played in the second section.

The position for the problem is after 37. Bg5.  When he played 37. ... Qd2 I actually thought he just blundered his queen and didn't notice my bishop.  Once he took back with the rook I realized that I was being forcibly mated by rook, bishop, and pawn.____B. Melvin

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